Benefits of a New Actuarial Design

Two significant industry issues are solved by the FSLM model:

  • The life insurance explosion problem. FSLM products are the only variable life policies on the market that cannot lapse for any reason including non-payment of premiums or investment performance without incurring the extreme cost and contract limitations of “no lapse (secondary) guarantee charges”.
  • The annuity’s death tax problem. The FSLM is a hybrid product, actuarially closer in design, functionality and pricing to an annuity than to a life policy while retaining the tremendous tax free advantage of life insurance at death.
  • FSLM products are designed for the tax efficient growth like an annuity by using a patented actuarial model to minimize the “At Risk” insurance amount, reducing the resulting COI charges (insurance cost) to remarkably low levels.
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Other Advantages:

  • utilized in a way not thought of before of IRC Section 7702 of the tax law that defines life insurance
  • automatically adjusts to the least amount of “at risk” death benefit to qualify as tax free life insurance.
  • actuarially impossible for a life insurance product to be more efficient and have less drag from the cost of insurance at all points in time
  • priced like an asset based investment account for both the insurance company and financial advisor.
  • no upfront premium charges for either the carrier or the advisor
  • no surrender charges (account value is accessible anytime without policy charges)
  • full disclosure
  • transparent charges
  • no hidden fees
  • unbundles and componentizes the actuarial elements allowing custom design and policy management rather than buying pre-packaged policies. Premium, cash value, and death benefit work “independently”, not “interdependently”.
  • contract language that protects the client
  • eliminates many of the negatives and potential problems of conventional life insurance
  • simple design that eliminates fine print policy traps or hidden “gotcha” clauses
  • simple to understand
  • easy to implement
  • no computer illustrations