The FutureSystem is a patented new way of thinking about life insurance and liquidity planning,
consisting of a new form of life insurance and a unique set of strategies to govern its use, design and management.

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  • The twice patented life policy model (FSLM) represents an evolutionary paradigm shift in life insurance development and design.
  • A concept designed to solve liquidity problems at a tremendous saving by reducing or eliminating the purchase of traditional life insurance at risk death benefit in the most efficient method ever devised while removing the risks associated with traditional policy chassis.
  • It is not universal life (fixed or variable), fixed premium variable life, single premium variable life, whole life, term, paid up insurance, any other traditional policy, or any other form you know but rather a truly new form of life insurance with an entirely different actuarial concept focus.

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created specifically to custom design and manage the FutureSystem™ Life policy, but can also be utilized as a high level holistic planning system.


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News Release 2008 – Future System Advisors, LLC (FSA) is pleased to announce the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent based on the FutureSystem™ Life Model (FSLM). The patent had been pending since 1999. The FSLM is an entirely new form of life insurance that solves many of the problems caused by traditional product chassis, such as U.L. and V.U.L. RGA Financial Group, an affiliate of Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) licensed the intellectual property of the FutureSystem™ actuarial model, built a pricing prototype based on the model, and is offering to insurance companies a turn-key service to develop for them a line of FutureSystem™ Life products. RGA has already built two FSLM products that are on the market through a major life insurance company and is currently in discussions with other companies. FSA also has a patent application pending for the FutureSystem™ Planning Process, which helps to position the use of FutureSystem™ Life Model policies and is available to be licensed by advisors.

1st US Patent 7454379 Process for Comprehensive Financial and Estate Planning is dated November 18, 2008
2nd US Patent 8433639 Process for Comprehensive Financial and Estate Planning is dated April 30, 2013